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Magic Tropical Splash Aparthotel’s Offer for single parent families, Benidorm

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Offer for single parent families

Do you travel alone with your children? Booking the Ultra all-inclusive has many benefits for you. One of them is being able to book your holidays with a single parent rate and enjoy an unforgettable vacation with them in this theme resort specially designed for children.

  • 1 niño
    1st child 100% off
  • descuento
    -50% off 2º child
Offer valid from 09/05/2021 to 31/12/2021
From:€72 taxes included.

Price from minimum (room/night) calculated automatically



Fun for all


Free excursions

When a single adult travels with children, the first child’s vacation will be entirely free and from the second child on, you will enjoy a 50% discount. (UAI board)

The maximum occupancy of our theme cabins is 1 adult with 4 children, so don't hesitate and come with the youngest.

Enjoy and sense the love we have given each corner, each show and each activity, so that your single-parent holiday may be unforgettable.

You do not have to pay extra when you travel with your children, choose the single-parent offer.

    Allowed Occupation

  • 1 Adult + 4 Children
  • Available regimes

  • Booking with UAI (Max 1ad+4 children)


1 niño

With UAI board


Add the no charge rate (35€) and cancel up to 72h. before.

From : €72 taxes included.

Price from minimum (room/night) calculated automatically

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